Life Together

Spiritual Life

We at Saint Andrew’s are committed to growing in our faith, a process described by Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, as “going on to perfection.” The form of perfection Wesley encouraged his followers to seek can best be worded for our time as Christian maturity. Through worship, in prayer, through acts of service to our brothers and sisters in the world, we continue to learn how to follow Christ as his disciples.


For serious Christians, learning is a lifelong process. At Saint Andrew’s, we make a commitment to learning in order to increase our knowledge of our faith and better understand our role as Jesus’ disciples. Bible studies and workshops covering a variety of faith-related topics are available to our adult learners during the year.


Fellowship – coming to know one another better as brothers and sisters in community – is another facet of our life together. Throughout the seasons, we create opportunities to gather for fellowship and good times, from our Sunday after-service coffee hour to meals and other social activities.