Our Heritage

Methodism began over 200 years ago in England, as a revival movement within the Anglican Church. Brothers John and Charles Wesley, both Anglican priests, organized Methodism and served as its first leaders.

From the beginning, the Wesleyan movement which became today’s United Methodist Church has emphasized “holiness of heart and life,” the vital link between a deep personal relationship with God and active love of neighbor.

Our own local church has been a presence in the New Haven community since 1886 when a dozen residents, along with their pastor, Reverend R.L. Marsh, organized a Methodist congregation on our current property in the Granniss Corners neighborhood. In 1892, the present building was formally dedicated as Saint Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church.

In 1965, Park Methodist Episcopal Church in New Haven’s Morris Cove area joined with Saint Andrew’s. Our current Park Fellowship Hall commemorates that union. More recently, in 2009, Saint Andrew’s received the membership of the former East Pearl Street United Methodist Church in the nearby Fair Haven section of the city.

Today we are blessed by the strengths and traditions of all three historic congregations as we continue to worship.

These are the pastors who have served our church:

Rev. R.L. Marsh 1886 Rev. Alexis Sidorak 1985-1987
Rev. George A. Bronson 1909-1912 Rev. Linda Bates 1988-1989
Rev. Francis W. Carlson 1954-? Rev. Eunchun Kim 1990-1992
Rev. A. V. Huff 1960-1961 Rev. Gina Giannini 1992-1994
Rev. Donald Jarvis –  1961-1962 Rev. Marjorie Evans-DiCarpio 1994-1996
Rev. Homer D. Henderson 1963-1966 Rev. Gil Ott 1996-1997
Rev. Robert Cave 1967-1968 Rev. Kermit Morrison 1998-2007
Rev. Arthur Yost 1969-1976 Pastor Carol Downs 2007-2011
Rev. Eric Rasmussen 1977-1978 Rev. Paul Goodburn 2011-2012
Rev. Michael Haggin 1979-1982 Rev. Rachel Kim 2012-2014
Rev. Joseph Versteeg 1982-1984 Pastor Ximena A. Varas 2014-2019
    Rev. Song Ha Park and Rev. H. Joon Park 2019-